Frequently Asked Questions

When you playing game you may have following FAQS in mind

Yes Ludo365 is real cash as well as free to play to game. You can play with cash or play for coupons with free coins.

Ludo 365 is skill based game and not gambling game. User can play and win paisa by using his mind not using his luck.

Open Ludo365 app from your mobile and click on play with cash game button and win the game. Redeem cash directly to your account or PAYTM

Go to website and click on download button. Install and enjoy the game.

Download and play ludo 365 game and chance to earn paytm cash

Yes foreigners can play for free and earn the amazon coupons But cant play with real cash.

The minimum deposit is 50 rupees. But each room is of 10 rs to play the game.

Ludo Room and Winnings
Room 1 :- Entry:- 10 INR    Winnings:- 17 INR
Room 2 :- Entry:- 20 INR    Winnings:- 35 INR
Room 3 :- Entry:- 50 INR    Winnings:- 92 INR
Room 4 :- Entry:- 100 INR    Winnings:- 192 INR
Room 5 :- Entry:- 200 INR    Winnings:- 380 INR

Yes you can redeem cash on both paytm as well as bank account