Ludo cash game

ludo cash games

Online ludo real cash games are the best skill games that are currently running in India. Ludo money games are top played games in the previous year, it is most popular amongst all generation peoples due to ludo cash prizes.

The main question is, Is it real to play real money ludo games in India?

There are a few topics that need to understand and figure out whether it is safe and secure to invest money by playing online ludo games that are available in Android IOS and WEB.


  • Trustworthy Gaming


Popular online ludo games in India are well known for Trustworthy gaming by giving proper reports to the players and by applying random number generator functionality to gain the trust of players

For now, real money ludo game, Ludo365 restricts players under 18 to play online ludo games in India. Also, the depositing and withdrawing functionality has a daily limit


  • Secure Gaming


In order to give secure access to the player, ludo games must use a secure socket layer to transfer and receive data from the server. All payment gateways used in it are highly secure, such as Paytm for secure transactions enabling you to play ludo 365 games carefree.


  • Legality


First Question, is it Legal a much expected question from any online user. For your understanding, the apex court of India has declared ludo game as skill based game and it is legal to play. Because it has the concept of analytical skills and it need smartness to move proper pawn.. 

So, Be relaxed and play any online multiplayer ludo cash game from trustworthy websites. But the players from Assam, Telangana and Orissa banned cash games of any kind in their area. so they are not allowed to play ludo 365 game. Other state players can play cash tournaments


  • Customer Service


Customer support is really important to run a successful ludo website. So, players are advised to play on sites that have a quick customer support center. It needs quick support if online payments get stuck after transactions get successful from your end


  • RNG certifications


Last but not the least, Does RNG certificate is required to play the ludo game on its website ?. Anwer is no but to earn trust from clients game has to RNG certified 

So, the conclusion we can derive from above is that if any online ludo site that offers online ludo cash games adhering to all the discussed checkpoints, you can be rest assured of a safe online gaming experience in India.

It’s time to take you to a portal that checks these pointers and offers you much value for money.

LUDO 365 brings a variety of modes for Indian ludo lovers

Online Ludo game LUDO365 brings various options to play the game

Affordable deposit amounts, attractive guarantees, awesome cash prizes and 24x7 gaming has been some of the core strengths of this Ludo website. Let’s check out some of the running tournaments on "Ludo 365".

Game Modes Entry fee Entry Time Winning Prize
Quick Mode 10-1000 INR` Any Time 95%  
Classic Mode 10-1000 INR Any Time 95%  
Tournament Mode 1000-10000 INR 9AM - 9PM 95%  


So, hopefully this blog clears all your doubts and helps you to make comfortable to play online ludo earning application.

Happy Earnings!

People in current generation are playing Ludo not just for fun,but to earn money from it. Ludo board game players are considered to be professionals with excellent skills and playing tacticsd. If you have the required skills and are intelligent enough, then you can become a Pro Ludo player and can be top earner.

It's easy. You just need to create an account at by typing in a mobile number and password. Once your account is created, you will get Rs 20 bonus. Click here to download game.

No Ludo is not banned in india high courts of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh found ludo as a game of skill and said it is legal to play