Earning real money online in India while playing Ludo is legal now as ludo game categorised as skill game in India. Playing skill-based games online to earn real money can be a great way to supplement your income during free time. There are a lot of ways by which you can invest money in skill-based games to earn nearly double; as a top online ludo earning game app provider, Ludo 365 shares some simple ways below.

These methods don't require a high level of education, gaming knowledge or investment, just simple understanding and decision-making per the condition. Players can use an Android or iOS Phone or computer with a good internet connection.

Before proceeding further, play, be aware of rules and regulations related to games of these types in the region you are playing because every state has silently different rules and regulations. In addition, decide your daily budget for playing to avoid unbearable losses.

Play Ludo for Earn Real Money.

These online Ludo games play between two, three, or four players. Some games allow six-player games. Although there are so many variations of the game played in India, the basic rules remain the same; most Indians are familiar with the rules and have played them at some time. Ludo's famous modes, like quick and classic modes, are legal and accessible. It plays by downloading the Ludo 365 APK on your Android phone or the Ludo 365 iOS app through the app store, or it can be played on a web browser.

The main benefit of this online ludo earning game is you can play it through the year, 24 by 7, with friends or an unknown player remotely. Additionally, this online app can match with real players who are online.

As per the improvement of your skills, you can earn more money; all deposits and withdrawals are through trusted portals like Paytm. Ludo app offers all security and safety, with happiness during gameplay and gaining popularity with fantastic ratings, which increase the player base rapidly.

Are you aware of the online Ludo earning app USP?

There are many reasons for you not to be familiar with earning money online as a relatively new and unconventional concept. Additionally, many people believe that nothing comes for free. The idea of making money without investing may seem untrue, but it is not! Many apps like Ludo 365 offer sign-up bonuses and referral bonuses to players; players can earn by referring games to their friends and relatives, and you can use the auto-added wallet money in the next step for the room selection deposit.

Players use their analytical skills to win every day by scheduling games at any time convenient; whether they prefer to play early in the morning or late at night, they will find other players like them in the Ludo 365.

Online ludo earning apps provide opportunities to make money online without leaving your home; with the high level of entertainment and enjoyment, earning money with online games has become more accessible and fun than ever.

What are ways to earn Paytm money online?

Making money online is no longer a secret, and you can follow these steps:

  1. Register for free
    To earn Paytm money, download Ludo365 on your device and register on the first screen. You must provide your mobile number, enter a unique password, and enter your email address. The registration process is free and quick.

  2. Earn sign-up bonus
    Ludo365 encourages new users by allowing them to start the game without investing any money by offering a free sign-up bonus of Rs 20. To claim this bonus, new users must verify their mobile phone number, and an OTP will be sent to the provided mobile number. Once the OTP is entered into the app, click on the submit, and the verification process is complete. Follow the instructions, and you can start playing the game. Once the verification is done, you will see a credit of Rs 20 in your Ludo 365 account, which you can use to try different modes without investing any of your money.

  3. Navigate for proper room selection.
    After completing all the necessary steps, it's time to play and win!
    To start playing, click on any modes in the main menu: Quick, Classic, and Private Mode. After selecting a mode, you will see a list of available rooms. Choose the room you want to join and start playing. If you are new to the game, beginning with a 10Rs room is recommended. However, if you are an experienced player, you can join larger rooms and play for as long as you want. Also, beginners can leverage the practice mode.

  4. Participate in online tournaments.
    The average earning app hosts online tournaments, where you can participate by paying a small entry fee and have a way to win real money. These tournaments take place every week starting at 9 AM to 9 PM. This online tournament generally gives chance to different skill level players to showcase their talent in front of others. A player plays in this mode with a lot of planning, which gives a real gaming feel.

  5. Withdrawal Money as per convenience
    One of the features that is proud of is its fast withdrawal process. You can make withdrawal requests for your winnings at any time. To do this, enter your Paytm account details in the "Add and Redeem" section on the menu page. You will receive a confirmation popup within a few seconds. Select your preferred bank account in Paytm and set the "Bank Withdrawal" option. All withdrawals are credited directly to the selected account.

Final thoughts

Many people still need to be made aware of the Ludo earning app. On the other hand, spreading awareness on social and the increase in players' numbers in games boosted the real money gaming market in India.
Conversely, game publishers giving special offers to newcomers and adding new game features will increase competition. Different modes and tournaments add extra excitement to these games with an increased chance of earning money.
So, all the ways mentioned above benefit players, and play-and-earn gaming apps are becoming the future of the Indian gaming market.


  1. Can I play Ludo online for free and receive a bonus?
    You can play Ludo online for free and receive a bonus by downloading the game from You will receive a free compensation of 20Rs and potentially earn more. Ludo365 offers different variants of board games, including Quick mode and Classic mode. Players can choose any way to play and make money.
  2. Is it legal to bet on Ludo in India?
    Skill games are legal in India, as the Supreme Court has determined they are excluded from the scope of Indian gaming legislation, including the Public Gaming Act of 1867. Ludo 365 is a game that requires significant analysis, skill, and understanding of opponents' strategies to win. It is considered a game of skill and is thus legal to play in India.
  3. What is the best game for earning Paytm money?
    Ludo 365 is an online app that uses Paytm as the payment gateway for deposits and withdrawals. According to Paytm's statistics, Ludo 365 has processed over 5 million withdrawals since its launch, making it one of the top online ludo earning game app in the Ludo category.