What is a Ludo Tournament? 

An online ludo tournament is a competitive event where players from all over the world can participate to play games and win Ludo real money or exciting prizesLudo tournaments allow players to play against talented or skilled gamers worldwide which also test their gaming skills.
Ludo tournaments can be played with small or big pool prizes depending upon the budget of an individual player, so players get a chance to select the Ludo game rooms as per their wish. Every ludo tournament that happens on the internet has different rules and regulations as well as various winning amounts. The exciting gameplay gives players a unique experience. Additionally, the ludo tournament gives players a chance to make friends from all over the world; players can exchange knowledge, culture, and hobbies, share their professional achievements, and build successful friendships resulting in happiness and mindfulness.

India has a long history of ludo game tournaments as it originates from India's traditional game, ‘pachisi’. Since then, the ludo tournaments have taken place for fun and enjoyable times.
Nowadays, on Ludo game apps like Ludo 365, it's possible to enjoy this long tradition and win real cash as well.

What is the historical significance of the ludo tournaments? 

For decades, Ludo has been raised in the form of a competitive game. The history of the ludo tournament varies from place to place. It emerges as a part of local gaming and social events as this tournament provides an opportunity to showcase their talent and test their skill.

Ludo has its roots in the ancient Indian game "Pachisi" and has a long history. According to Wikipedia, board game competitions have been happening in India for centuries. Modern board games, like ‘Chaupar’, ‘Chausar’, or ‘Chopat’, are believed to have originated from these ancient traditions. There's even a claim that a similar game was played in the epic Mahabharata between the Pandavas and the Kauravas, indicating that board game competitions have existed for a long time.

What are the advantages of a ludo tournament?

Ludo is a game of skill, planning, and emotion with enjoyment, and it can be played all the time and, in any place, due to digital advancements. Any age group of people can play Ludo, but some versions, like the Ludo real money app, are restricted to a legal age group of people.

Playing Ludo requires a lot of instant thinking and decision-making, which helps to stimulate the brain. Developing long-lasting strategies can be possible with deep thinking and eventually developing clear thoughts and vision; long-lasting ludo game tournaments help grow players' deep thinking ability.

How to play the Ludo Tournament on Ludo 365?

Ludo 365 offers a saliently different feature than any other Ludo tournament offers. It is very convenient and you can play it anytime. You can follow the below steps to start playing Ludo tournaments on the Ludo 365 app-

  • Log in to ludo game app
  • On the Ludo game dashboard, Select online multiplayer as a game mode.
  • Select the room as per your budget and desire to win you want. Ludo 365 offers multiple rooms from 5 to uppermost 500 to win in between 10 to 900.
  • Ludo 365 will assign you the opponent automatically.
  • After assigning an opponent, you can start playing; in this mode, Ludo 365 has the same rules and regulations as other modes. Play each move carefully; if you are a beginner and want to play a Ludo money game, you can take advantage of past learnings and predefined strategies experienced people use. By using it, you can increase the chances of winning the game.
  • A successful win against your opponent will give you prize money, which will automatically be added to your wallet. In Ludo 365, you can use your wallet money to play the next round; you can choose the same room or bigger if you have the confidence to win, or if you don't want to take the risk, you can play in a smaller room for practice. After successfully winning, if you want to withdraw Ludo money from your account, you can use the same payment gateway you used at the time of deposit. Generally, most players use Paytm for online Ludo money withdrawals and deposits.  

Tips for online Ludo tournament 

Here are some tips to play ludo tournament safely

  1. Understand the basic rules and regulation
  2. Do not start playing in the higher room directly
  3. Watch competitors progress carefully
  4. Try to identify the strategy of your competitors
  5. Calculate the time/move your competitors required to reach near to you or kill you
  6. Use a safe zone to protect your token or "Goti."
  7. Make an unbeatable plan for token movement
  8. Stay focused and claim in difficult gameplay
  9. Kill the opponent token quickly if you get a chance.


India has a rich history of board game tournaments like Ludo. Playing a ludo tournament is fun until you play it carefully with appropriate planning and by deciding on a fixed budget. Ludo's real money app helps to develop soft skills like decision-making, planning, deep thinking, and competition understanding. Players can take leverage of predefined strategies and tips to win against competitors. It means the ludo tournament will give you a combination of thrill, gaming excitement, happiness, mindfulness, and the opportunity to win real money.


  1. How much money can I get by winning in a ludo tournament? 
    Ludo game tournaments give you a chance to earn money unlimited money if you win frequently.
    Ludo 365 have five different room to play in, and each room offers 95% more price money after winning. You can start to play by depositing INR 50 in Ludo 365, which is very low compared to other deposit criteria. If you start with a smaller room and win 3 to 4 times continuously, you can go from a higher-priced room size for more skill and money.
  2. How does the Ludo game maintain fair play in the tournament? 
    A random number generator is responsible for maintaining fair play in a Ludo tournament; you can trust a game with an RNG system for number generation, and you can play with any player from any location.