Each and every person on earth likes to play Ludo, and now there are earning apps that let you earn cash while playing the game and withdrawal in paytm wallet. These Ludo cash game give you the chance to win big cash prizes, like upto Rs. 10 lakh in PayTM money. With the increasing popularity of real money gaming, All gaming developers from India have created Ludo online games that offer real money rewards. These applications have gained popularity all over India because they provide entertainment and the opportunity to earn pocket money. In this article, we will give information about the best Ludo earning games that you can play on your android and iPhone devices.


What is meant by a Ludo Earning App?


A Ludo earning application allows you to play ludo cash games and earn real money on your smartphone anywhere anytime. The best part of this type of apps that you can also play Ludo money game with your close friends and with your loved ones.

These Ludo gaming apps offer various modes of multiplayers Ludo games, such as two players, single player, 3 players, 4 players, multiplayer mode, and much more. You can choose from various modes, and if you win the match, you will receive money in your game wallet.

The best thing about Real money gaming is that you can start making money with a LUDO365 application without investing any paisa. These RMG platforms also have refer and earn programs where you can invite your friends and get extra rupay if they start playing with your referral code. Additionally, they offer instant deposit bonus offers that allow you to deposit funds in your wallet and earn extra cash. You can withdraw your winning wallet balance directly into your bank account or Paytm wallet or UPI wallet.


These are following popular Ludo earning games available on the internet:

Best Ludo Earning Games List (as of 23 June 2023)


Game Name Downloads Welcome Bonus Referral amount
Ludo 365 2 Million + Upto Rs. 150 Rs. 10
Skill Ludo 10,0000+ Rs. 25 Rs. 150
Rush Ludo 50 Lakh+ Rs. 50 Rs. 10
Ludo Supreme 8,00,0000+ Rs. 10 Rs. 100
Ludo Superstar 100 Million Rs. 15 Rs. 10
Winzo Games _ Rs. 550* Rs. 50
Ludo Sikandar 200,000+ Rs. 5
Ludo Premium 200,000+ Rs. 10 Rs. 15
Ludo Ninja 60,000+ Rs. 100 Rs. 30
Ludo League 20,000+ Rs. 25 Rs. 10
Ludo King 60 Crore+ Rs. 10
Ludo Hunt 20,000+ Rs. 5 Rs. 5
Ludo Fantasy 60,000+ Rs. 10 Rs. 10
Ludo Empire 20 Lakh+ Rs. 10 Rs. 20
Ludo Club 110 Million+ Rs. 40
Playerz Pot _ Rs. 100 Rs. 50
Gamezy 20 Lakh+ Rs. 100 Rs. 100
Khiladi Adda _ Rs. 10 Rs. 5
4p Ludo Pro 200,000+ Rs. 10 Rs. 5

Which Ludo Earning App is the Best in the year 2023?

LUDO 365 - The easy to play Ludo App for Real Money Gaming


The Best Ludo Earning Application

Get ready brand new earning Ludo with a twist on India's online gaming platform. 365 Ludo cash game offers a trusted and secure platform to play Ludo multiplayer and compete against real players for money prizes. You can choose from the best suitable withdrawal options for you like UPI transfer, Amazon Pay, Bank to Bank Transfer, or PayTM wallet. The game also provides daily notifications, welcome bonuses, and cashbacks. When you sign up, you will receive a sign up bonus of Rs. 5 to 100, and referring other players will earn you upto Rs. 5000. Join the over 1 million active players already enjoying LUDO 365. Do not miss out on the opportunity to roll dice in Ludo and win real money!


Ludo 365 is undoubtedly the best board game for all Ludo money game lovers, especially those who like to play in cash. The application offers 4 different variants of the game, each with its own challenges and winnings. Here they are:


Game Variants in LUDO365

Fast Mode:  This variant uses 2 tokens, and every move contributes to your success. You have an unlimited number of moves, and the goal is to win with your opponent by reaching all tokens. Use your brain to capture your opponent players tokens, play game faster, and win the game easily

Online Mode:  Similar to Fast mode, but played with 4 tokens instead of two. Roll your dice in each turn within a certain time. Aim to get 4 tokens "home" as possible to win faster and gain an advantage to earn money quicker. Plan your moves strategically to push other players' tokens back to the square and even earn an extra move.

Point Mode:  This mode uses four tokens, and every move contributes to your score. You have a limited number of moves, and your goal is to score higher than the other opponents using certain time. Use your own strategies to kill your opponent's tokens, earn bonus points, and win the game rapidly.


Why Choose Ludo365 amongst all?

If you are wondering why Ludo365 is the best earning app available, here are some top reasons download apk now:

  • Fair Play:  Fight against opponents of similar skill set, ensuring addictive and balanced Ludo games that are enjoyable for all ludo gamers
  • Top-notch Security:  Ludo 365 offers only Random Number Generator(RNG) certified games powered by an Godaddy SSL secured system, guaranteeing the top level of security.
  • Exciting Deals and Bonuses:  Use the bonus game wallet in your account to play and win more this application. Fantastic daily rewards (up to 2 crores) are waiting for you.
  • Fastest Withdrawals:  Enjoy safe, secure and quick withdrawals of your winnings with 24/7 hours support available.
  • Minimal Waiting Time:  Match up with an online opponent almost within 1 minute. No more waiting around!

So, get on board with the 365 LUDO money game, the best Ludo earning app, and start playing your favorite board game while winning real cash!


Other Best Ludo Games in the application market

Skill Ludo:

Skill Ludo is a Ludo app where you can win real paisa. You can earn up to Rs. 200 ludo game paytm cash by referring your close ones, and you get a Rs. 25 bonus when you sign up. The app has a nice UI and UX interface and offers up to Rs. 20 per refer and earn. The only downside is that the minimum withdrawal amount is Rs. 100.

Rush LUDO:

Rush LUDO is one of the top ludo cash game that offers a rapid version of Ludo called Speed Ludo. You need to move quickly within a particular time to defeat your opponent. Score higher than your opponents in limited time to win the jackpot prize. You can start Playing the game with a minimum of Rs. 2 and get a Rs. 50 signup bonus. Referring beloved ones also earns you a bonus of Rs. 10.

Ludo Supreme:

It is one of the popular Ludo-earning app with HD graphics and beautiful animations. This game has a simple sign-up process and offers an instant bonus between Rs. 5 to Rs. 10. The game is free to play and suitable for all devices. Play Ludo with your opponents all over the globe to win cash every day.

Ludo Superstar:

The Ludo Superstar game is developed by Tencent Games, which is one of the foreign companies, and is one of the toughest Ludo games on Android. It offers four game types: local mode ,Play with computer, online Multiplayer, and with peers. Enjoy thrilling game types and an intuitive interface. Fight against other natural players and play with two,Three, four, or two-on-two teams.

Winzo Global:

Winzo Games is a popular Ludo cash application that offers evenly matched games. You can deposit cash using various payment gateways and transfer your winnings using money transfer applications. The app has enhanced KYC verification methods for a safer gaming experience.

Ludo Sikandar:

In this game you can battle against online Ludo opponents to win real money. Play with family members or randomly matched online opponents. Earn 1% lifetime referral bonus for each player you refer. withdraw your earnings instantly with real-time whatsapp support.

Ludo Premium:

This ludo money game is developed for android mobiles. Ludo Premium is a well created Ludo-earning app with a user-friendly User interface and fancy game modes. You get a Rs. 10 welcome bonus and can earn extra cash by using multiple referral systems, earning up to Rs. 15 for each refer and earn.

Ludo Ninja:

Ludo Ninja is a game in portrait mode. Ludo Ninja offers incredible joining bonuses and the opportunity to earn more through instant cashback. You can withdraw as little as rupees 1 INR into your bank account or UPI apps. This game provides enticing referral code programs.

Ludo Leagues:

Ludo Leagues is a traditional ludo money game with various game tables, four variations, instant money withdrawals, and hassle-free payment gateway options. Referral earnings are not bounded, and there is no minimum withdrawal limit.

Ludo King:

Ludo King is a free to play game available for iOS, Android and web. This offers a user-friendly interface, snake and ladders, and a voice and text chat function. You cannot Transfer your cash rewards to your bank account or wallets.

Ludo Hunt:

Ludo Hunt combines real money prices with enjoyable and unique gameplay. It prioritizes security and requires a thorough account verification process. Play various tournaments and games to earn real cash and withdraw your winning wallet instantly through fast money transfers. Get a referral bonus and a joining bonus when you do sign up.

Following Ludo applications provide opportunities to win real rupees while enjoying the game. Play with real time players to start earning today!

Ludo Fantasy Game:

If you are skilled at the token movement system, you have a chance to win a good amount of money with Ludo Fantasy. Although it may not be as famous as other RMG apps, you can still play Ludo with your friends, family, and people from different parts of the states. The app also offers a live mode where you can compete against opponent players. You can practice the game using computer mode before playing for cash and withdraw your earnings as PayTM cash or transfer them to your bank account or VPA applications.

Ludo Empire:

Ludo Empire is a wonderful app to earn real cash rewards. It is highly recognized by many players for being free of bugs and issues. You can create your own rooms and participate in leagues for a chance to win even bigger amounts. Plus, you get a Rs. 10 first time login bonus and can earn cash rewards points through the referral functionality.

Ludo Club:

Ludo Club is a latest quality game introduced by Snapchat's Snap Games. It has a few unique features like the ability to play against your friends. The main goal is to be the first player to get all four tokens to the home. You can send your opponent player pieces back to the beginning point, gaining an advantage. This game supports various payment options like Paytm Wallet, UPI, credit cards, Mobikwik, and internet banking.

Playerz Pot:

PlayerzPot is not only a single Ludo app but also offers other fantasy sports applications like cricket and hockey. It provides a great board game experience with least waiting period, making it available for both novice and trained players. They have included fair play and responsible gambling, with daily deposit requirements and anti-fraud functionality. This app has 24 by 7 customer support and it is available on the mobile website as well.


Gamezy offers a variety of fantasy sport games and skill games, including Ludo and Rummy, Poker, where you can earn real cash prizes. By using a refer and earn program, you receive a Rs. 100 welcome bonus. You can fight against up to three other opponents and participate in Ludo tournaments for a chance to win cash money.

Khiladi Adda:

Khiladi Adda is a classical board game which is popular in north Indian states. They have implemented top features like speedy cash withdrawals through UPI intent, referral amount, and 360 days customer service. The app hosts tournaments and leagues where players can win substantial cash prizes. With a simple UI and UX, a referral bonus of Rs. 5, and a joining bonus incentive of Rs. 10, it is a great platform to play and win.

4P Ludo Pro:

the 4P Ludo Pro game allows you to play against live players for real money prizes, adding an exciting challenge to the app. The user interface is user-friendly, and customer support is not available all time to address any queries. You will receive a Rs. 10 welcome bonus and a Rs. 5 referral bonus when using the application.




Are online Ludo apps safe to use?

Yes, online Ludo applications are safe as long as you play on reliable platforms like can download apk from website. RMG Platforms like Ludo365 use random number generators(RNG) to ensure fair gameplay and protect players' data. So, when trying any online cash Ludo game, make sure it meets these safety guidelines.

Do Ludo earning apps offer real money prizes?

Surely! If you win cash games against opponents players on Ludo earning apps like ludo 365, you can receive real money awards that can be withdrawable  into your bank account or UPI apps. Platforms like LUDO 365 provide a safe and secure environment for playing online Ludo money games, matching players with similar skill set.

Which is the best Ludo earning app?

LUDO365 is considered the best Ludo earning app in india. It offers excellent safety conditions, a fair gameplay policy to prevent hacking, great offers and bonus prizes, instant withdrawals, and an overall top-notch Ludo experience. Ludo365 user-friendly interface and quality gameplay features bring nostalgia to high quality gamers.

Is there a welcome bonus for new users on Ludo365?

Yes, new players on ludo365 receive a sign up bonus upto Rs. 150 in addition to a referral bonus. You can get this bonus for each new friend you refer who registers and signs up on the game. Start playing Ludo 365, one of the best Ludo earning apps in India, and enjoy the benefits now!