ludo game paytm cash money

We all know that boosted Online Gaming Sector achieving new height every year, as per all India gaming federation EY report it will cross USD 2 billion by 2023. New gamers enrolment, and retention with new and advance game app entry create Hugh competition in market, especially in ludo game sector due to its easy-to-understand rules and simple to use dashboard. Many gamers use Paytm gateway to deposit and withdrawal money in game account. They will call price amount as Ludo Game Paytm Cash or Paytm money. There are many ways to earn Paytm cash, like referral bounce, wining price in different modes, playing tournament, etc.

As Top Ludo Gaming App, Ludo 365 will give you a chance to earn Paytm cash. Following are the best ways to earn price.

  1. You will get Rs.20 Paytm cash as a sign-up bounce. Click here to download Game.
  2. After clicking on download, Ludo game APK will start download in your system.
  3. Install app and sign up the game don’t use fake mobile number or email should be used.
  4. Select Paytm for transaction.
  5. Deposit money or Rs 100 in your game account using Paytm
  6. Now you have 120 in your game account and don’t play with friends’ mode from bonus amount.
  7. Select mode or room you want and start playing. use winning strategy to play game.
  8. Play multiple rounds to get desired result, also keep in mind that don’t uninstall app for at least two days if you not get result.
  9. Every mode and tournaments give you a chance to win as you play against different player with different skill set. Select mode as per your skill level to increase wining chance.

Some tips to Earn Ludo Game Paytm Cash Easily

  • While playing Play quick move both tokens away from home fast so you can reach to the destination without any hurdles.
  • Move token in safe place if you see any chance to get killed by the opponent.
  • Play in friends’ mode as a beginner, by invite them via WhatsApp, Facebook with sharing room code to start immediately.
  • Watch opponent move carefully, and distract them by sending message and emojis on chat.
  • You can play four players mode to earn 4x money.


  1. Which is the best ludo game in India?
    You can choose the Ludo game app from many options available in the market; each app has its differentiator from others depending upon the game mode, Price after the win, player capacity, and additional bonus.

    Here are some of the best Ludo apps to play and earn money
      1) Ludo Master
      2) Ludo Club
      3) Ludo Superstar
      4) Ludo King
      5) Ludo 365.
  1. How do I play ludo online and make money?
    To make money, you need to download the ludo earning app. Register with a mobile number and sign up. Understand the basic rules and regulations for that particular app and start playing on trial mode or with friends’ mode to get an exact idea about the game. After getting a detailed idea about the competition, you can begin playing by investing some amount in the game; winning against your opponent will give you prize money. So, you can make ludo money with regular playing and winning against opponents.
  1. How can I earn Paytm money by playing games?
    Gather enough cash points to redeem Paytm cash in your account. Click on the add and redeem button and withdraw cash directly to your Paytm account. Also, you can deposit money via a Paytm account.