Journey of ludo from board

The evolution of board games is a fascinating journey. From being a means of entertainment in olden times to modern tabletop games for having fun, Board games have changed a lot. Board games have also stepped into the world of online gaming. One such game is Ludo.
Ludo is a traditional board game that finds its roots in ancient India—previously known as ‘Pachisi’, which means ‘twenty-five’ in the Sanskrit language. It used to be played on a board made of wood or an embroidered colorful cloth. This game became the favorite pastime for the royals and nobles.

Ludo has undergone a huge transformation in today’s digital era. From multiplayer online modes to real money gaming, online ludo game downloads have increased subsequently. Whether you are a casual gamer looking to have fun with friends and family or a seasoned real money game player, ludo real money apps offer a lot to both niches.
Since its invention in ancient times to the development of modern-day Ludo gaming applications, Ludo has evolved a lot. Let us get to know more about this amazing path that Ludo has followed. This is truly an adventurous journey for Ludo - From traditional boards to handheld screens!

History of Ludo – Board Game

Ludo has been popular since olden times for its colorful board and its exciting gameplay. ‘Ludo’ is derived from the Latin term ‘Ludus’, which means ‘game’. Ludo is said to be invented around the 6th century CE in ancient India. The earliest proof of the existence of Ludo can be found in the primitive paintings in the Ellora Caves. Ludo also finds its mention in the mythological epic of ‘Mahabharata’. It was referred to as ‘Chaupar’, and it played an important part in deciding the fate of the characters.

There onwards, many derivatives of this game were invented and spread out across the globe. The Royal Navy of England modified this game and named it ‘uckers’. It is also known as ‘fia’ in Sweden and Eile mit Weile (Haste makes Pace) in Switzerland. The Chinese also refer to a similar game like Ludo as ‘Aeroplane Chess’. Today, the modern version known as Ludo is the most popular one.

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The Rise of Real Money Gaming Online

Ever since the evolution of online gaming started, real money gaming apps where you can participate in games, have fun, and win real cash prizes have been the most alluring. Ludo 365 is also one of the pioneers of such games. In Ludo 365, you can play Ludo real money games with other online players and win real cash bonuses. It also provides you with various exciting modes like online 4-player tournaments, quick play mode, as well as against a computer (AI).

The trend of online ludo gaming has increased in the past few years. In the year 2022 alone, there were more than 10 million downloads of different online ludo game apps. Online ludo games not only provide a better way to spend your time but also enable you to earn more cash while having fun. Online real cash gaming platforms are a great opportunity for players to show their skills and win exciting prizes.

If you want to be a part of this revolutionary gaming experience, check out the Ludo 365 the best ludo money app, and start playing the ludo game online to earn while having fun! Ludo 365 is available across all platforms; download now!

Pros of Online Ludo Gaming Applications 

Ludo is surely one of the most engaging and fun games, as a board game as well as an online application. Online ludo gaming application has a wide range of benefits, some of which are as follows.

  • Ease of access and convenience: Online ludo apps eliminate the hassle of arranging a ludo board, token, and dice. The traditional method of playing this game involves the risk of pieces being lost or misplaced. Online methods help to avoid this and make it easy to access the game and start playing in an instant.
  • Exciting Modes: Online ludo games come with a variety of options and in-game modes, which make your gaming experience more exciting. For example, Ludo 365 offers different modes like turn mode, time mode, online multiplayer mode, and practice mode. This not only helps you to stay engaged but also helps you not to get bored playing the same mode over and over again.
  • Multiplayer support: Online ludo games like Ludo 365 enable you to play with your friends, which helps to build a sense of community and makes your gaming experience more enjoyable. Multiplayer modes make the game more exciting as the chances of eliminating tokens increase. This makes the winning experience more fulfilling.
  • Social Integration: Multiplayer game modes allow you to interact with new players across the gaming platform. Ludo 365 offers features like a community leaderboard where you can compete for the top winnings position. Online multiplayer gaming thus helps you to improve your social gaming experience.
  • Real Monetary Rewards: In real money gaming applications, you can wager a certain amount of money in a Ludo game. If you obtain victory in the game, you can win up to 95% of your entry fee. This can serve as a passive way to earn more money via a Ludo money app while you have fun.

Ludo 365 is an amazing online real money gaming application that provides the best gaming experience in this sector. It’s simple UI makes it very easy for a player to sign and start playing Ludo in an instant. It is completely safe and secure, and RNG and SSL certifications ensure the game’s fair play credibility. The deposits and withdrawals at Ludo 365 are convenient, secure, and swift.


From its invention as a board game to modern-day gaming applications, Ludo has surely made an impact on the gaming industry. It has embraced the digital era. Ludo 365 is helping to bring more people onto the gaming platform. We don’t just see it as a game. We see it as a means of earning real money while having the best enjoyable gaming experience.

Let’s roll the dice, move your tokens, and cash in big!


  1. When were board games invented?
    Board games were invented in ancient India around the 6th century CE. Ludo is one such game that was invented in olden times. It was known as “Pachisi” and then transcended to be known as the modern-day Ludo.

  2. Did board games evolve into a different form since their innovation?
    Yes, Board games have often evolved into a new and modified version of themselves throughout time. Board games like Ludo were spread out across the globe, where it was modified and named differently.

  3. Why is Ludo so popular in India?
    Ludo is popular in India due to its simplicity of rules, exciting gameplay, and its ability to bring together your friends and family. Ludo real money games are also popular in India because of their prospects of having a source of income while having fun.

  4. Which factors have helped real money games to become so famous?
    Real Money gaming apps have become so popular due to the incorporation of games like Ludo. These games are already easy to understand, and earning with the help of them is simple and exciting. Along with this, the rise in internet usage, and the ease of payment via digital means have made Real money games more popular.